Law Company in Odessa

Law Company “DE JURE” – a team of competent lawyers whose primary purpose is to provide comprehensive legal assistance in protection of rights and interests of our clients.
With professional experience and skills, we provide high-quality legal advice and offer services of lawyers and counsel for representation of your interests in courts and other organizations.

We provide the following services:

  • – Giving oral and written consultations;
  • – Representation of interests in government agencies;
  • – Drawing up civil and commercial contracts;
  • – Preparation of the internal documentation of the enterprise;
  • – Registration of companies, private entrepreneurs;
  • – Representation in court – preparation of claims, participation in court sessions.

Law Odessa companies prioritizes solving a particular problem, we offer consultation, the path to resolve the conflict and dispute prevention services.

“DE JURE” – law firm in Odessa, which is thoroughly suited to solving tasks, monitors changes in the legislation and constantly developing its staff. Qualified consultations human rights defenders of the law firm allows you to come up with the mind to solving the problem as soon as possible and provide individual ways of its resolution.
Our professionals have years of experience and successful practices in all branches of law. We abide professional ethics and confidentiality of your interests.
Law firms offer advice, we will provide support and maintenance of your business from the moment of registration of the enterprise.
Registration of limited liability companies, additional liability companies and other types of business entities – the first step on the way conducting business. Selecting the type of business entity – it is the customer’s choice, but we will provide advice on all questions you are interested.
The success of our client – subscriber legal support of business, which is not inferior to the ongoing work of the legal department of the company.
Legal and consulting company “DE JURE” – a trustworthy way of solving legal issues.




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